Creating sustainable beauty

We are eco conscious in our choices and are committed to sourcing products that are vegan and environmentally friendly.

Over the years, Cuttlefish has continued its commitment to sustainability and recycling. We responsibly source only sustainable vegan hair products that meet the most ethical standards.

Our PPD and paraben free, high-quality colour ranges use up to 93% naturally-derived ingredients that nourish and condition the hair during the colour process.

Making every decision with the environment in mind, we proudly offer a vast range of natural care and styling products in plastic-free refill options. All of our stationery is printed on recycled paper and card using vegetable ink, our cleaning products and PPE are eco-friendly, we’ve implemented specialist showerheads that use 65% less water, and we only use recycled, biodegradable towels, eliminating the need for traditional washing machines and dryers in order to save energy and water.

As recycling is a priority in the day-to-day running of our salons, we are always looking at innovative projects to further reduce our carbon footprint. We recycle hair to aid the production of oil booms. When placed at sea, these booms prevent oil spills from spreading, protecting wildlife and the natural landscapes.

Our approach extends beyond our doors. We have formed long-standing partnerships with like-minded ethical companies, cementing Cuttlefish Eco Salons as a pioneer of sustainability.