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eco hair salon

Established in 1990, we are Brighton & Hove's original vegan-friendly eco salon. Our senior hair stylists each have their own approach, and their own specialisms, and by understanding your needs we can perfectly match your style. Our clients trust us to give them stunning results, every time.

We use only vegan and plant-based products in all our salons, and go the extra mile to minimise our environmental impact across our entire business. We are proudly independent, and choose our suppliers carefully.

Located in the heart of Hove, adjacent to the Town Hall, our Hove salon also plays host to our training academy, where we regularly teach the next generation of stylists to achieve remarkable results while respecting the environment.


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58 Church rd, hove bn3 2fp

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Award-winning, sustainable hairdressing in Hove

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We are an award winning team of highly experienced hairdressers, educators, and personally trained creative hair stylists, each with their own style and specialisms in order to create the perfect haircut for your individual needs. Our bespoke service will leave you with perfect results every time. Gender neutral pricing.
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Plant-powered hair colouring

Our colour specialists offer natural hair colour services with exceptional results. Whether you're considering highlights, lowlights, balayage, or a full colour change, it's essential to book a consultation and skintest to ensure the process is done safely and that you achieve your desired results.
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Curly hair specialists

A DevaCut is a specialised hair cutting technique designed for curly, wavy and textured hair. Cutting hair in its dry, natural state, allows the stylist to work with the hair’s natural texture and unique curl pattern. Incorporating the use of Curly Girl approved and plant based styling products will leave you with moisturised curls, and minimal frizz.

Voted no.5 best hair salon in the UK 2020

If you're after a hair salon that embraces natural, cruelty-free, sustainable hairdressing Cuttlefish Eco Salons are where it's at.

They always opt for the greenest products and techniques to ensure that your hair transformation is as environmentally-clean as it is cute.
Salon Guide 2021

Best for curly hair

If you've ever felt like your hairdresser just doesn't get curls, Cuttlefish's in-depth, personalised consultation with a dedicated curly hair specialist prior to your appointment will put you at ease.

Plus, the eco-friendly salon pledges to recycle everything that goes through its doors.

Brighton Girls Voted: #1 hair salon 2021

The uncontested first place goes to Cuttlefish with 63% of votes. Once you see the interior and nice staff you will not want to leave again. Also, as the name already suggests, they use sustainable, cruelty free and vegan products which we absolutely love.