Let’s shed some light on why we are an eco salon.

We recycle EVERYTHING that passes through our salon. Yes, even hair! All hair is sent away to be made in to hair booms. These booms, when placed in either water or on the shores of beaches will stop the oil from spreading, saving wildlife and the natural landscape. 100% of our metal profit goes to charities and with every collection of hair and metal, a tree is planted.

We also work closely with a local recycling company, building a better future for our planet, telling a powerful story with our waste by ‘bringing back’ used resources and saving our trees. All other general waste is taken to an energy-from-waste facility providing renewable energy. Nothing goes to landfill.

We are eco conscious in our choices and are proud to be reaping sustainable benefits in every aspect of our day to day salon life. We strive to provide the cleanest and greenest salon experience possible. This paired with an exceptional standard of hairdressing makes for a truly rewarding experience.