Deva Cut

The Deva cutting technique is a method of cutting curly hair preformed by a trained Deva curl advanced stylist. Whereas most traditional cutting techniques are designed for straight hair, a Deva cut is specifically designed for cutting wavy and curly hair.  Hair is cut dry and in it’s natural form allowing for different curl patterns and shrinkage.  The aim of a Deva cut is to give your hair more shape and the ability to fall more naturally. A good shape will affect how your hair will grow out and how long your cut will last.
We only use natural curl specific products to cleanse, hydrate and style your hair.

In preparation for your appointment we ask you to arrive at the salon with clean dry hair that has not been brushed, pulled back or put up to enable us to see the varying curl forms and spring factor of your hair. 

All new customers, colour and Deva bookings are taken over the phone. This is because we can offer a more personal service by speaking with you directly